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Cynthia Grande: Hi everyone, welcome to Facebook Live Fridays, empowering our communities one video at a time with Cynthia…

Valencia Herrera: and Valencia. Hey everyone. This is a special Facebook Live video because we’re actually together in the same city this time. Cynthia’s visiting our Bay Area location. It’s going to be a special video where we’re both going to be next to each other. Today we’re going to address the topic, “I have a consultation with an immigration attorney. What should I bring to this consultation?” Thank you to the person who sent us this question for us to address. Here you go.

Valencia Herrera: I’ll go over some four things that you could potentially bring for your initial consultation. The first one is if you have any former immigration petitions that were submitted for you in the past, bring all the documentation you have in regards to that petition.

Valencia Herrera: The second one is if you’re petitioning for a family member her in the US, bring that family member. That could a be a spouse, a parent, or a child.

Valencia Herrera: The third thing is if you’ve ever requested your immigration history from the government or the Department of Homeland Security, bring that information and that request that you received from that request to the government.

Valencia Herrera: The fourth thing is if you have a criminal history or ever received a traffic ticket, any type of arrest or criminal document bring that to the consultation. That would also be helpful as well.

Valencia Herrera: That’s just a brief overview of some of the things that could be useful for your first initial consultation with the immigration attorney. We hope that was helpful to you all. Of course if you have any questions you could always contact your local immigration attorney or a legal non-profit.

Valencia Herrera: Thank you for tuning in everyone. We hope you have a great weekend.

Cynthia Grande: Bye.

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