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Do I Need A Lawyer To File Bankruptcy?

The bankruptcy law significantly changed in 2005, making it more difficult to file for bankruptcy protection. Although you are not legally required to have an attorney file for bankruptcy, consulting with an experienced bankruptcy attorney will help you fully understand your options and avoid potential pitfalls.

There are a number of bankruptcy preparer services that advertise that they can prepare and file your petition for you, however, they are prohibited from giving legal advice and they cannot represent you when a problem develops.

When do you require a bankruptcy lawyer?

In most cases, it is recommended that an experienced bankruptcy lawyer handle your bankruptcy case.

Do I Need a Lawyer To File For Bankruptcy

If you have a simple bankruptcy chapter 7 case there is a chance you might be able to file on your own.

However, keep in mind that filing an “easy” Chapter 7 bankruptcy takes a decent amount of research and time on your own part. If you would like to successfully complete your situation, acquire a release, rather than place your house in Danger, you’ve got to:

  • accurately fill out bankruptcy forms and schedules
  • know how bankruptcy legislation works
  • investigate state and federal exemptions, also
  • follow all of the principles and procedures necessary to perform the insolvency procedure.

Don’t feel like filing for bankruptcy on your own?

Filing a straightforward Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be an intimidating job to complete without a lawyer. If you don’t feel you could manage the whole bankruptcy process on your own (or aren’t comfortable with it), then it might be in your own best interest to obtain an lawyer to prepare your case and represent you


What if a bankruptcy lawyer is out of my budget?

Contracting a bankruptcy lawyer will generally be better than filing for bankruptcy yourself, but not everyone can afford to hire an experienced bankruptcy attorney. If you do not have a bankruptcy attorney, these are a few resources that might be able to help you out.

Contact a pro bono attorney. Some lawyers provide free services for a number of reasons, but finding these lawyers is not that easy. Pay your lawyer fees through a bankruptcy chapter 13 plan. This depends on the attorney you plan to hire. Get free help form a legal aid society in your area. Legal aid societies can be found throughout each city.

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