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When is my case going to be filed?

In order for our office to file your bankruptcy petition the following must be completed:

  1. Pre-filing Credit Counseling Course at DebtorEdu.
  2. Attorney and filing fees must be  fully paid.
  3. All documents and information requested must be submitted to our office.

Once we have all the information and documents requested our office will prepare your bankruptcy petition and file it with the bankruptcy court.

Where do I take the pre-filing bankruptcy course (Credit Counseling Course)?

You can take the pre-filing course online. Our office will send you an invitation to complete the Credit Counseling Course through DebtorEdu. You can also access the course using the following link: DebtorEdu.com.

Where do I send my documents, and how do I send my documents?

Our office will send an invitation to your bankruptcy case portal where you can upload documents. In your case portal you can easily upload documents at any time, it is available 24/7.

If you have any inconvenience with using the portal, inform our office so we can coordinate everything in a way that works better for you, we are open to receiving documents via email and mail if needed.

What is the pre-filing credit counseling course and do I need to prepare anything?

The pre-filing credit counseling course is an educational course to help you understand the advantages and impacts of filing for bankruptcy. Completing the course is required by law. The course also provides you with debt management tips and ways to manage your finances. You don’t need to prepare anything in advance to take the course, but please designate the appropriate time (1-2 hours) to complete the course.

How can I send you the Credit Counseling Course Certificate?

Once you are done with your Credit Counseling Course through DebtorEdu, our office will automatically receive a notice of your course completion and a copy of your certificate.

What do I need to do after my bankruptcy petition is filed?

Now that your bankruptcy petition is filed, you will need to complete the post-filing counselling course, which is called the Financial Management Course. The Financial Management Course is similar to the first course, but gives you tips and strategies to manage your finances post-bankruptcy.  You can complete the second course  through DebtorEdu.

Also please continue to send your bank statements and pay stubs to our office until you have your creditors meeting.

What´s my case number?

Once your bankruptcy petition is filed, we will email you the notice of bankruptcy filing that contains your case number, you can also email or call our office if you are not sure what your number is.

When is the creditors meeting?

Once we file the petition your case will be scheduled for a 341a creditors meeting. Generally, the meeting is scheduled 30 days after the bankruptcy petition has been filed. Our office will notify you about your date.

What happens at the creditors meeting?

The creditors meeting is a hearing all debtors must attend to complete the bankruptcy process.  The meeting permits the bankruptcy trustee to ask you questions about your petition, such as your debt and assets. The purpose of the meeting is to ensure the petition is accurate to the best of your ability.  The meeting is referred to as a meeting of creditors because creditors are notified that they may attend and ask you questions pertaining to your assets and ability to pay. Don’t worry, our office will prepare you for the meeting and send you some sample questions. Additionally, our attorney will represent you at the meeting.

When do I get the discharge?

Generally, the Order of discharge  is filed with the Bankruptcy Court 60 days after the meeting of creditors.

Will my discharge come by mail or will you send it to me?

After the order of discharge is filed with the court, you will receive a copy by mail.

What happens after I receive the discharge?

Once you receive your order of discharge, the bankruptcy court will close your case.

Do I need to do anything else after my case is closed?

No, you don’t need to take any additional steps after the case is closed. Your debt is officially discharged and you have completed the bankruptcy process.

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