When you are charged with a misdemeanor, it certainly doesn’t feel like a minor offense, and although it isn’t as critical as a felony, it isn’t something you should not ignore. Without an experienced criminal defense lawyer by your side, you could find out that the charges against you are more severe than originally thought. A small charge could turn into something rather huge and life-changing if you don’t have someone advocating for you and looking out for your rights.

No misdemeanor is something to be ignored and having it on your criminal record could seriously damage you in the future. No one wants to have any kind of crime on their record and by hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer can increase the chances of getting the charges dropped, being found not guilty or having your record expunged. Should you choose us, we will work diligently on your behalf so that you can finally move forward from these misdemeanor charges. Contact us at The Grande Law Firm immediately at (310) 713-2334 for a consultation.