Criminal Law

Criminal Law Frequently Asked Questions

Can I represent myself in court?

Yes! You have the right to represent yourself in court, without the assistance of an attorney. The decision to represent yourself in court, known as “Pro Se” should not be made lightly. Without full knowledge of criminal law, you may not know when to object, when the evidence against you could be suppressed, when the prosecutor has overstepped their bounds, or when a plea bargain may be in your best interest. As you can see, there are numerous reasons to hire an experienced lawyer to represent you in both misdemeanor and felony matters. A great criminal defense attorney fighting for your rights may be the difference between being found guilty or not guilty!

Is hiring a criminal defense lawyer from The Grande Law Firm expensive?

Every case is different, and may take more time or less time depending on the individual circumstances of your situation. It is crucial to know that many charges include the possibility of huge financial fines, in the thousands of dollars and lengthy prison terms that may include life in prison. When you consider the fines and the likelihood of jail time, you have to determine what matters most to you. The Grande Law Firm prides itself on being efficient with your representation and works in a cost-effective manner on behalf of our clients.

Can the charges against me be dropped?

Yes! There is always the possibility that the charges against you be dropped. Charges are typically dropped due to the diligent work of your legal defense team. Every aspect of your individual case will reviewed, and every effort will be made to ensure that any evidence obtained against you or your rights is not used or exploited against you. If there was an error in the police procedures during your arrest, the possibility to exclude the evidence obtained against you may exist. You need a skilled criminal defense lawyer from The Grande Law Firm to review every aspect of your case to determine if this exclusion is a possibility or whether your charges may be dropped in your specific situation.

Is there any possibility that the charges can be reduced?

Yes! Many times, charges can be reduced, if not out-right dropped! Charges may be reduced through strong negotiations by your experienced criminal defense team. Understanding how to negotiate your case and the potential penalties against you is just another reason why hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer from The Grande Law firm makes sense. We are experienced and persistent negotiators ready to advocate on behalf of our clients.